Tuesday, November 29, 2011

48th Tuesday

The sun is slanting early rays across the lush green of new grass planted this fall.  It is still warm-ish here, almost balmy the last couple of days.  Last evening when I stepped outside barefoot, I heard the wrens talking, and this morning, the cardinals, robins, and crows.  If I didn't know better, I might guess that we'd skipped winter altogether.  I'm sure it will come.

I am still sort of basking in the wonderful-ness of our Thanksgiving trip to Virginia and giving thanks for special time with my children:

2111. Cooking with Erin and Grammie
2112. A long walk through Ft. Hunt park and along the parkway bike-path with Kay
2113. Reading Alfie books (oh, I love those books!) with Clara
2114.Seeing cousins re-unite and enjoy each other on the football field, playing fish-bowl, walking, talking, laughing, just being together

2115.  A long evening conversation with one of our engaged nephews and his fiance with five married couples joining in to share out of our 132 collective years marriage wisdom.  Graym and Sasha (below) will be married next September.

2116. Walks in the neighborhood

2117. Sitting long at the table on Thanksgiving evening with family

2118. A fantastic trip to the zoo

Clara's first view of the lions when we arrived - pretty excited! And, of course, 
the pandas... they were so up close and active this time.

2119. Watching the adoring uncles play with Clara and seeing her little fun personality coming out more and more

2120. Giving haircuts with crazy buzzing electric clippers to Matthew and Andrew
2121.  Safe journeys to and fro for all the travelers

2122.  Getting back into the routine of reading, studying, preparing for classes, cooking ...
2123.  Anticipating ... so much.


Missy K said...

So glad you had such a lovely time-- I was thinking of you, thankful for you. :)

Beth said...

Thanks, Missy. Looking forward to seeing you all before too long!

kkp said...

this makes me so bummed to have missed you all.

love, love you all!