Monday, November 07, 2011

45th Monday

Today was a long day... so long it felt like two days.  Now, I'm sitting at my desk with a cup of hot cocoa and the space heater blowing on me to thaw out my chilled body (it was cold on the sidelines at soccer practice tonight!)  I'm breathing a tired happy sigh and giving thanks for ...

two college visits in one day
a meeting with a coach that was way longer and more personal than expected
lots to think about and the peace of knowing the Lord will lead
a great group of soccer moms and dads, reunited at the first club practice tonight
Joel's club coach and words of encouragement
safe travels yesterday and today
time with my folks and Andrew
google voice and cheap phone calls to India
a short conversation with Coty's Indian host last night and laughter with him over Coty's walking speed!
the children at Bapatla - Coty gets to see them again this week
friends - I am really so very thankful for my friends
beautiful yarn and knitting in the car while Joel drives
books - so many on my list right now
my friend, Lisa's safe return to the states for medical care for a high risk pregnancy
the most gorgeous fall day imaginable
mums and pumpkins and gingko trees blazing golden
Mars Hill Audio that I've started listening to again,  and Ken Myers recovery from a heart attack
The prospect of a quiet day at home tomorrow
The gift of rest

#'s 2091 - 2110


Missy K said...

Something about your list today helped me take a deep breath. One I needed.

Hope you have a beautiful day today my friend!

Beth said...

Oh, I'm glad Missy. I'm taking a day long deep breath today, working quietly at home and looking forward to some time to dig in the garden in the sunshine this afternoon.

Susan said...

I'm with Missy! Beth, I don't know how I get away from stopping by here (even if I am busy and don't get around to blogs much now). It's just a breath of fresh, encouraging air.

Wish you lived 'round the corner!