Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few links

Ann on becoming a velveteen mother.

Jonathan's thoughts on development in light of Occupy Wall Street. (J is my oldest son, currently living and working in India).

Exercise and the brain - our local NPR station's morning talk show program - aired yesterday.

I want to make this.

I'm taking Thomas and Kay's quilt here soon, so it will be finished by their 1st anniversary!

My friend, Missy, is writing beautifully on living the beloved life.  I suggest you scroll down and start with Day 1.

I miss dancing and much more with a certain little someone!

Coty flew through Chennai and met up with Jonathan and then flew on to Visakhapatnum and then by road to Srikakulum.  (Scroll out on the map to see just where this is in India).

That's enough for now.  It's bedtime... and tomorrow is quite a full day.  Biology students come early and we get to dissect a  ___________ tomorrow.  So, I really must get to bed.

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tonia said...

loved Jonathon's piece. You done good mom.