Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yeah, that's my boy!

A little soccer action for your viewing pleasure this morning.  I know I'm his mom, but I have to say that watching Joel play soccer is really a whole, whole lot of fun.  The boy does not let down.  Ever.

He also does not get riled.  He is the one that walks up to the ref at halftime to ask how the team can avoid the calls that are going against them (calls a lot of us parents on the sidelines thought were ridiculous).  His reasoning, "If I talk to them calmly and just ask (instead of yelling or arguing) their attitude toward our team will be better and they might make better calls."

The Covenant season is going well so far this year. 1 loss and 6 wins.  They have two games later this week against opponents that were tough last year.  Should be some exciting soccer.  I'll be there.

*Thanks to soccer mom, Mary George - her son's the goalie on Joel's team in the top photo - for her soccer photography.


bwilliams said...

His attitude speaks well of his parents.

Beth said...

That's kind of you, Brenda. His Dad is the athlete who has set the tone and encouraged that kind of sportsmanship. Proud of both of them!

Susan said...

Fun! I love sports, you know. :-) And your son sounds like a wonderful young man (and that doesn't happen by accident!).