Friday, September 23, 2011

I am going to bed

Dear friends - those of you who read that last post... I am going to bed now.  It is late and I hope I will stay asleep tonight.  As I head upstairs, I am mindful of the goodness of God.

: : He gave energy today.  I taught my class - on very little sleep - and I think it went well.  I came home, napped, and then went for a four mile walk.  Refreshed, I headed to the soccer game with Coty and watched Joel's team wallop their opponents, 5-0.  I cheered especially loudly when Joel scored a really lovely goal.

: : He reminded me of the gift of friendship tonight.  Our co-op moms gathered, ate apple cake and drank tea, talked and prayed together.  I am so incredibly blessed by these women who share their lives and hearts, who are transparent and weak, but strong as can be, in the strength of the God we love and seek to serve.  It is a rare blessing to have such a group of friends.  I hope I do not take it for granted, but cherish and nurture these relationships.  They are golden.

: : He continues to give the gift of joy in our children.  Coty leaves tomorrow for Minneapolis and the DG conference and gets to spend the weekend with Matthew.  On Saturday, I head to Greenville for Family Weekend at Furman and get to spend time with Andrew.  Thomas, Kay, and Joel are going, too.  I really don't care what we do - tailgating, lunch, football game, dinner out, student talent night - those are some of the options, but we don't have a plan yet, and honestly, it doesn't matter.  I'm just looking forward to being together...  and am happy to think of Coty and Matthew being together.  I'm also thinking about Thanksgiving and the prospect of all of us - at least those of us who are on this continent - being together again.

That's all for tonight.  I head to bed filled and overflowing with thanks to the Giver of all good gifts.

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