Saturday, September 03, 2011

A great big shout out ...

thank you to Susan, who explained to me how to make a header with three photos using Paint. Now, that was fun and I am finally happy with the blog header.

It's been a rather quiet Saturday.  I spent some time going through some old photos, including some of knitting projects.  I'm going to start keeping track of them on the "Off the needles..." page. Right now I have a llama silk sweater almost finished - Kay's birthday present.  I can talk about it because her birthday was in June.  I gave it to her then, on the needles.  I had to order a bit more yarn and the yarn shop didn't have it any longer - thank goodness for ebay.  Just a little more ribbing at the bottom and she'll have her sweater before the weather changes enough to wear it!

Our friend, Vijay, came back for a very short visit.  He and Coty filmed some sermons in English with Telegu translation today.  The sermons will be used with pastors in India.  Thanks to Daniel for giving up some of his Saturday to do the filming.  The guys got home from filming around 2:00 and I'd made a late lunch for them.  Salmon burgers and a potato curry.  Vijay walked into the house, took a deep breath and said, "Oh! Smells like India."  And then he took seconds on the curry and told me it was really good.  I think it was the butter, the Patak curry paste, and the little bit of half and half I added to make it a little less dry.  Anyway, I was pretty happy I could make a curry that pleased my Indian friend!

I went for a long walk today - an hour and a half - and it felt great!  This is the longest I've walked since returning from Bolivia.  I'm itching to do some longer distances again, but I've got to decide on a new book to listen to.  Finished Hannah Coulter on my walk today.  Any suggestions?


kkp said...

love, love it!

so wish you could come visit.

Bonnie said...

:Pretty headliner!
Another book : a reread of Jane Eyre?
It's hard to find a good one after Hannah Coulter!

Susan said...

Yay for you! So pretty, Beth (as I already told you)!

I love long walks, too. For listening? Silence? :-) No, I understand why so many people love listening to books and teachings while out walking. You can still absorb the beauty of nature, but get in some good listening that you otherwise might not find time for. .. :-)

Amber Benton said...

Love the banner, Beth.

Kathie said...

Great job on the banner!

I'm listening to Hannah Coulter now - I really enjoyed North and South.

Have you listened to Cranford yet?

Good for you on the walks - I'm trying to get myself back into the exercise routine. The wedding recovery excuse is wearing thin :)