Monday, September 19, 2011

38th Monday

Looking back this morning over the last few days and thanking God for His goodness shown in answers to prayer, faithful friends, happy new beginnings, hard places, and small graces ...

Monday morning: coffee on the porch, bread rising, J studying, C running long, lessons to plan, plans to put into action

Last night: news from a friend of a troubled son getting much needed help and a little Latvian girl who will get a new family

Over the weekend: a touch of fall in the air, walking long with something good to listen to, stumps ground, collard greens and the gourmet offerings of others for hungry men at CRM, a courageous friend not wasting her bed rest, Sunday dinner made on Saturday night

Last week: a phone call with J and K from India, great students, labs that worked, soccer, friends' listening ears and caring hearts, hard fruitful conversation, co-op moms, beginning the pre-marital conversations/counseling with R and R!

#'s 2055-75

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