Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some more Bolivia: A Sunday evening stroll

About this time last Sunday, Coty and I decided to go for a stroll around Mallasilla.

The sun was getting low, casting shadows over the towering mountains that surround the town.

We walked past the town soccer field, quiet in the evening.  It had been filled with soccer players earlier in the day.  The whole town seemed very quiet at that hour.  Few people on the streets, the normally noisy dogs, silent.

The shadows lengthened as we strolled on.

The clouds and hills were back lit by the setting sun.

The cobblestone streets seemed like works of art.  They are really beautiful -  smooth rounded stones placed just so. It's hard to imagine just how painstakingly difficult it must be to construct such roads.  I hope they don't all get paved over in the name of progress.

Toward the end of our stroll, we rounded a corner, looked up and gasped! We hadn't seen it before and we hadn't expected to see that snow-capped peak towering in the distance beyond Mallasilla's encircling mountains.  The surprise of that sight, the magnificence of the mountain in the calm of that Sunday evening is a moment etched in my memory.

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Susan said...

Wow, wow, wow. Oh, how I would love to see what you saw (and not just the snow-capped mountains, but all of it!)
. This is beautiful. It would be etched in my memory, too, Beth.