Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A little hodge podge

Last night the air turned cooler.  I walked early in the morning and there was just the tiniest hint of fall in the air.  I am usually not ready for fall.  I love summer.  But this year, I feel a bit more ready.  Maybe now that A and M have gone, it just seems like time to move on...

The rosemary garlic chicken is done roasting and now whole wheat/oatmeal/cornmeal/sunflower seed molasses bread is in the oven.  I made the white bean salad earlier and if I have time, I'll grate some fresh beets and make a simple raw beet salad.  We have a friend/ministry colleague from India staying with us this week and other friends who love India coming over for dinner.  I could have made a curry, but then I'm quite sure it wouldn't be nearly as good as what Vijay eats every day, so I decided to go for something a little less exotic.  Still, my house smells very good at the moment.  The earthiness of beans cooked earlier, rosemary, fresh bread.  Mmmmmm.

Speaking of India, Jonathan and Kandyce are en route there as I type, arriving in Coimbatore in a few hours for their six month stint as assistants to the director of the new CCCU India Studies Program.  Can't wait to see pictures of their new home away from home.  For now, I can look at these.  If you notice the photo credit on the first shot, it's my very talented d-i-l, Kandyce who took all those amazing pictures on previous trips to India.

Soccer starts today.  The Covenant high school season, that is.  Soccer never really ends around here.  We just shift from high school to club as the seasons change.  Joel is super-psyched for today's game and another Covenant season.  I'm quite ready to sit on the sidelines and cheer again.  I do love watching that boy play.

Though it does feel like time to move on to new things, I am not quite ready to start teaching on Thursday morning.  But I will be.  Thursdays will be spent at the home of the wonderful Farson family, prayer with all our students first, then AP Gov, AP Human Geography, and then the short walk over to Dr. Gordon's house for AP Lit.  Joel will be working hard this year.  So will I.  I'm looking forward to it, but as I said, I'm not quite ready.

I just made kale chips.  Globe-trotting, now at Chapel Hill Grace, of the afore-mentioned wonderful Farson family, told me about them.  Oh, my.  These are good.  Possibly addicting.

Time for lunch now.  Kale chips, fresh bread (it's out of the oven now), and watermelon.  That'll do for me.

Back tomorrow with more about Bolivia.


Valerie Johnson said...

Oh my gosh I love your stories..and your roast chicken and bread sounds just delicious..is it possible for you to maybe provide a recipe for both??
Thank you always

Bonnie said...

Looks like a great kale chips recipe!
Haven't ever had them! Lovely photos from India. Yes, the year begins with the chairs around the table empty and we 3 move to the kitchen island!

Susan said...

Ooh, I love kale chips! Yes, I do think they are addicting. And I love watermelon, too. We had a church barbecue on Sunday, and that's all I wanted. . . until a man came with some authentic vegetarian African peanut stew. Wow. So good.

Anyway. Love the beautiful photos of India.

Laura A said...

I love the photo with the fresh bread featuring prominently in the foreground.