Thursday, August 11, 2011

Healthy eating and colorful salads

It feels long ago and far away (well, it is far away since I am in another hemisphere from where I was on Saturday), but here's a little recap of last Saturday's talk and food demo that I did for the women of Bahama Baptist Church in Bahama, North Carolina. (That's pronounced Ba-hay-ma, y'all).  I was invited by my friend, Jenn, whose husband, Wes, is the pastor of the church.

I had about an hour to share with the women some thoughts on eating as a spiritual activity, how we eat to the glory of God, why taking care of our bodies matters to our souls, and how, practically, we can make shopping lists and menus that reflect this attitude toward our food.  More on that later when I'm back home at my own computer with my notes in front of me.

After the talk, it was time for the demo.  I spent another hour or so showing the women how to make some favorite colorful salad recipes.  And then, we ate what we made!

For now, just a few pictures...

Two of my helpers, Jenn's friends and now mine, Olivia and Sara, chopping veggies for me to prep for the demo.

Our table all set up and ready to go...

I believe that's chopped parsley going into the bowl.  I recall one woman saying, "Oh, that's a LOT of parsley!"  It was -  and that's one thing that makes that first bean salad we did so good!

Yeah.  We had a lot of fun.  I think that was when Olivia spilled the lime juice she was squeezing on the floor. Some of the older ladies were a little tickled that Olivia had never seen a lemon juicer - the "old fashioned" kind.

Our white salad with great northern beans, celery, green onions, parsley and a lemon viniagrette dressing

Yellow salad with corn, yellow peppers, mango, cilantro, black beans and a lime/olive oil dressing

Purple salad with beets, cannelini beans, red potatoes, red onions, and a dill viniagrette dressing

Green salad - one of my favorites because it is so delicious, healthy, and versatile - kale, peaches, red onions, almonds, and blueberries with olive oil, lime juice and kosher salt.

We also did a red salad - a watermelon tomato salad, but we didn't get a picture of that one.

L to R: Jenn, Olivia, Kirsten, and Sara

We had such a great time with this first food talk and demo.  Jenn was a huge encouragement to me and the others so helpful.  I don't watch foodie type tv shows, but that day I felt sort of like I was on a cooking show. It was great fun and I'd enjoy doing it again.  Maybe fall salads next time...

I promise recipes and links when I get back from Bolivia!


kkp said...

you're so darn cute. and fashionable. :)

j and i would kill (... maybe not kill. but do something fairly drastic) for some of your homecooking right now. we're rummaging around in our cupboards trying to use up what we have- needless to say, not much of it is green right now. :)

Bonnie said...

yes, please do!
Wonder what food you are eating down there?!!!

erin said...

Beth, such fun! Maybe you should have another demo here in Charlotte?? I love the colors of the salads and my mouth is watering for the green one. Yum.

I'll be excited when you have those links up!

Thanks for sharing!

Trish T. said...

Thanks,Beth, for this post. Those salads look incredible. I can't wait for the recipes and your notes!