Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bolivia: La Valle de la Luna

I've mostly been in front of my computer today, typing up my final notes for our first AP Government class tomorrow.  So, I've only been a mental traveler...

...remembering a walk through a lunar-like landscape.

This spot on the Bolivian ecotourism circuit is a five minute walk from Scotty and Lisa's house.  Last Monday afternoon, Coty and I took a stroll over rickety steps, holding onto wobbly handrails, through La Valle de la Luna (the Valley of the Moon).

It's a rather barren, eroded, carved valley.  There is a cliff along one edge, just in front of the eucalyptus trees you see in the distance, that drops into a deep canyon below.

We met some German tourists at one of the overlooks and a few minutes later we looked across to another ridge and saw them motioning to us.  We took their picture.  They were having a good time!

Pretty incredible views!  You can actually see S and L's house from here.  I'm trying to imagine waking up every morning and looking out at this landscape.  I don't think I'd ever get tired of it.


Susan said...

I wouldn't get tired of it, either! I love seeing different places and landscapes, even in photos. I'm glad you're putting these up!

Laura A said...

Oh, my! I am catching up on some of my favorite blogs after the overload of the past two months, and I can see I've missed a lot here! I"m going to have fun catching up, though! You went to Bolivia?!