Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who you are ...

... really shows in the hospital.  My mom is a case in point.

She hadn't eaten or drunk anything for almost 48 hours, pre and post surgery, but she was mostly concerned about whether or not I was going to get any dinner that night at the hospital.

The morphine pump had been beeping for an interminably long time before the nurse came to reset it.  Though Mama was the one so badly in need of sleep in the middle of the night, she said, "I hope this beeping doesn't wake up anyone in the next room."

When the nurse came in this morning to ask how she was doing, Mama said, "Terrible!  This machine beeped all night and my daughter didn't get any sleep!"  Of course, she didn't get any sleep either, but she seemed more bothered about the fact that I spent a sleepless night than that she did.

I had the privilege of spending two nights in the hospital with Mama and got to watch time and again as she expressed her thanks to nurses, aids, doctors, technicians, the cleaning lady... whoever came in the room to serve her.

I also observed her tenacity.  When the doctor told her to use the inspirometer ten times an hour, she put it up to her mouth and started breathing. When the doctor told her she should try and walk sometime that day, she walked, early and often.

She went home from the hospital today.  I'm so glad, because while the hospital is a place where who you are really shows, it is certainly not a place to rest.  I'm happy that Mama's going to get a good night's sleep tonight without once having her blood pressure taken!


Kelly said...

Glad she's home. There truly is no place like it for recovery :-)

Kathie said...

So glad your mom is out of hospital and can rest in her own bed! She's a trooper :)

Bonnie said...

Glad all went well. I had one of those inspirometers ~~ I think that is what it was. It was to keep my lungs open. HOPE all continues to be well.

Kari A. said...

The hospital definately showed what I really was...CRAZY haha! (at least for about 2 days)