Saturday, July 02, 2011

Special little people

Our last two weeks have been full of time with some very special little people.  As I mentioned in last Sunday's post, the Snead's have been visiting from China.  We're so glad they come to Charlotte when they visit the states and glad that this trip we got to spend lots of time with some very special little people.




and Kai...oh, that face!

 Michelle wanted the girls to have swimming lessons while in the states this summer and our friend, Karen, graciously offered to teach them here at our pool.  Vera and Eden are little fish and made so much progress in the two weeks they were here!  Thursday's final time in the pool ended with both of them jumping off the diving board and swimming all the way to the shallow end!  Pretty amazing for two little girls that just learned how to really propel themselves through the water.  They really are quite fearless and had lots of cheering from the poolside as they leaped and splashed and showed us what they had learned!

Special thanks to Karen, who teaches lessons at a local pool and an aquatic center, for giving so generously of her time for the girls.

When we weren't in the pool, there was time for legos on the porch, trains in the family room, homemade play dough, coloring, "soccer", and "music."

Though my kids are big, I still try to keep this house pretty kid friendly.  Two big bins of legos live under the lounge on the porch and when little people are over, they routinely get spread all over the porch.  After the Sneads left yesterday, Matthew wondered why it is that little kids like to dump all the legos on the floor when they play with them?"  Andrew reminded him that you have to dump them to find just the perfect little piece that is always at the bottom of the bin.  We also think that the sound of cascading legos is a favorite sound of small children so, of course, they must be dumped in order to hear that kind of music.

We had other music here, too.  The piano is always an attraction.  We also have an assortment of drums, an autoharp, a bowed psaltery, castanets, a guitar, and several recorders.  The kids usually made a beeline to the living room/music room when they arrived so we had quite a cacophony concert every time.

We got to celebrate Kai's third birthday yesterday...

complete with funfetti cake, of course... (haven't made one of those in a long time!)

 Happy birthday singing...

and candles for the birthday boy.

Fun time!

After the party, it was time for a haircut for Tobey.  Those eyes!

Then time to load up the car...

and take one last picture with "Miss Beth" and the recorders I found for the kids in their personal colors, pink for Vera, purple for Eden, "lellow" for Tobey, and blue for Kai.  Now they'll have music wherever they go, though I'm guessing those recorders won't be out of their cases on the long car rides they have ahead of them this week.

The kids climbed in the van and we stood by the open door and blew kisses and waved as they pulled away yesterday.'s going to be mighty quiet here next week.  I sure will miss those little ones and their amazing parents.

*But now, in the quiet,  I'm dreaming about how to get to see another very special little person and her amazing parents this summer!

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What an adorable headliner on Erin's blog of that special little person!