Tuesday, July 26, 2011

News Flash

It's done.  AP US Government and Politics syllabus, hereafter known on this blog and everywhere else as AP GoPo. Finished.  Submitted.  And they didn't even ask for my first born son.  I know Kandyce is relieved.

Now, I wait to see if they like it.  Whether they give me final approval to officially label the class "AP" or tell me I have to tweak a bit, I am pretty pumped to have the year mapped out.  From now til the time we start in late August, I'll be reading ahead.

Starting with the Constitution...


kkp said...

SO relieved! :) and not just because you don't have to sacrifice that guy i married- also because you'll be exposing a whole generation of students to the show we love so much (yes?)!

Bonnie said...

Make good citizens ( CM's course!) out of those students and Statesmen!