Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brain-fried and stiff, but almost done!

I have had two almost completely uninterrupted days to lie on the hammock and read.  Dream on...

No, I've been glued to my desk chair with books and papers spread out all around me writing syllabi.  That's plural.

AP US Government and Politics and High School Biology.  What?  Am I crazy?  No, don't say anything.

On Sunday night, sensing the slippage of summer days and the enormity of the task at hand, I felt overwhelmed and a just a bit panicky.

At this moment, with one syllabus almost totally finished and the other well on the way, I am feeling brain-fried and stiff, but sort of  ... triumphant!  Do not, however, ask me to tell you anything about federalism, enumerated powers, or the exclusionary rule, nor mention phagocytosis, chromatids, or vascular bundles.  I would just stare at you blankly and ask for another glass of ice water.

 Really, though, isn't it funny how huge and daunting a task seems until you sit yourself down in the chair and just do it.

And now, I'm putting the books away and going down to spend a couple of days with my parents.  Then, on my way back, I'll stop at my favorite fabric store and buy the backing fabric for Thomas and Kay's quilt.  Then my niece and nephew will visit and there will be sewing and swimming and cooking and probably some movie making and definitely lots of fun!


kkp said...

i'm pretty sure you could just have your government class watch the west wing all semester and they'd learn a TON. :) (i did, and i studied politics in college!)

know what it sounds like you need? a trip to denver the third week of august to help your favorite kids move off to india.

Amber Benton said...

I'm working away too, but setting my timer every 25 minutes or so to get up and move around to keep the stiffness at bay...