Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back at it

Well, I'm back at my book strewn table again, plugging away on this syllabus writing.  I am done (I hope) with one of them, my AP US Government and Politics (AP GoPo!) syllabus and am now trying to submit it online for approval.  Glitches seems to be the norm.

First I had to figure out my "association" in order to set up an account.  That's a little tricky if you're teaching in a non-traditional setting. Nothing on the site gave me a clue, but there was a phone number, thank goodness.  Only 4 minutes on hold and I got a very nice young man who gave me the number I needed.

Now, I'm trying to actually upload the syllabus so the AP gods can tell me if I'm worthy.  I click on the bar that says "Create or Upload Syllabus" and nothing happens.  Hmmmm???  I sent a message via the communication center on the site stating my problem and now, I'm hoping an email will come soon telling me what to do.  Maybe I'm supposed to sacrifice my first born son or something.

Well, while I wait on that email, there's a high school biology syllabus about half way done and lab supplies to order.

I know, I know ...

I'm on here blogging instead of working.

OK.  I'm stopping now and going back to the books ...

But first, one little picture.

My husband really knows how to relax.  This is what I found him doing on his afternoon off yesterday.  He rigged up noodles underneath to make the float that had a hole in it work for a snooze on the pool.  A back yard waterbed.  Not bad.


kkp said...

NOooOOOoo sacrificing of your firstborn son! he's already spoken for. :)

also, hilarious picture of coty naana! we wish you guys were coming to visit when my parents are (... want to come?)

Beth said...

Yes, yes, yes I want to. Do I think it's going to happen? Sadly, no. Want to stop in Charlotte on your way?

kkp said...

if we had time to stop anywhere at all (in addition to the wellwood wedding), we certainly would. :)