Monday, July 25, 2011

30th Monday

Still counting, with thanksgiving ...

2038.  My mom is home from the hospital and doing well

2039.  My son and dil have made a big decision!!!

2040.  My niece and nephew came for a few fun days.

2041. Matthew's new buddy who gave him the biggest hug when he saw him at church yesterday.

2042. Core seminar (what we call Adult Sunday School at church).  I love our discussions and always come away challenged and encouraged.

2043.   a handwritten letter.

2044.  a phone call from my oldest (meaning longest) best friend who always keeps up with what's going on and is the very best about remembering.

2045.  Joyful sounds from little people, including this little guy who knew ALL the words, too!

2046.  The team effort of VBS and the happiness of those days.

2047.  Our trip to Bolivia in August to visit these dear friends.

2048.  An exuberant African wedding!

2049.  People who reach out to refugees and invest in lives - Ed and Annette, Jonathan and Kandyce, Thomas, Sarah B., my sister.

2050.  Friends that drop by.

2051.  Impromptu game nights.

2052.  More days of quiet work.

2053.  Getting a long overdue household repair done this week!

2054.  Picking summer blueberries and buying fresh-picked-that-morning peaches.

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Bonnie said...

Such great news in the kingdom!