Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It was just a simple question

I asked, "Do you think you would like a Kindle?"

He replied:

"Well, it would be nice for traveling..."

"But, then you wouldn't have the book if you wanted to give it away to someone."

"But, it would take up a lot less space in my carry-on."

"But, then I'd have to decide whether to buy the hardcover or the kindle edition."

My answer:

"If someone wanted to give me one, I'd happily take it and use it.  And if someone gives you one and you don't like it, pass it my way."

He's an optimizer.  I'm a satisficer.  We complement each other that way.

It's a good thing he's the one searching for a new used car.   My way would be faster but we'd probably end up with a clunker.

On the other hand, it's a very good thing, I'm the gardener.  Satisficer that I am, when I see a pretty flower, I plant it.  And feel very happy.

The daylilies and hostas are particularly lovely right now.

1 comment:

kkp said...

:) your son (you know, the one who i was lucky/ fortunate/ blessed enough to marry) is the same way.

i tried my DARNDEST (which is pretty darn hard) to get that guy to buy a macbook when he was in the market for a laptop and no dice. he even had the "research" (semi-random googling) to back up the non mac he bought.

if it's any consolation, j loves his nook, but reads paper books, too. :)