Sunday, June 26, 2011

Today this home got to love on some people.

We had a potluck with a few friends.  52 of them.  Plus us.  59 in all.  We would have had 60 but one friend left to stay with the children of a mom in labor!

We were celebrating and enjoying the visit of our dear, dear friends, the Sneads, who live and work in China.  They come back every so often and we all want to hang out with them so we throw a big potluck and visit all afternoon.

Lots and lots of food spread out on the big table with all the leaves in, desserts on the counter, tables set up in our driveway, blankets on the ground for kids, a screen porch and family room full of folks.  People ate, talked, swam, played friscup and ping-pong, ate some more, and talked some more.  People lingered, slowly filtering home and after the big boys left in the late afternoon to play basketball at the park, the kitchen friends stayed to clean up. 

Those kitchen friends - they're the ones who know where everything goes in my kitchen and who don't wait to be asked before they wash dishes, unload the dishwasher and put it all away, take out the trash, wipe the counters.  They are the friends who stay til the end to make sure everything's in order before they take their tired selves home.  Everyone should have kitchen friends.  I am really quite fortunate that way.

The boys and I worked hard yesterday to get ready.  We cleared away some junk and swept out the garage. The driveway had a coating of silt - the deposit left from heavy rain washing across bare spots in the yard.  We cleaned it and then moved and set up tables and chairs, spread tablecloths and picked queen anne's lace for simple centerpieces.  I vacuumed and moved chairs, washed the kitchen floor, cleaned the bathroom, cleared out the clutter.

The kitchen still has a big brown water spot and a hole in the ceiling, the furniture is mostly hand-me-downs and cast-offs, the carpet is worn, the deck is old and splintery, the front yard not the lush lawn I'd like to see, the weeds abundant.  Does any of that matter when people sit around with good food and great conversation?  It does not.

Susan wrote, "A house shows off for people.  A home loves them."   I'd like to put that on a plaque and hang it right above the chipped kitchen counter.  Maybe I'll do that by the time we have our next little gathering.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love this.
How well you must have slept that night as your house was dripping of friendship and love.

Bonnie said...

Great link about homes. What a great homecoming! Maybe you rested today?

Susan said...

Oh, and another good post! It's inspiring to read real, honest stories like this, Beth!