Friday, June 17, 2011


Dear kindle fairy,
You know who you are.  So do I.  But the world will not know because you wanted your incredible generosity to remain a secret.  You just wanted to give a great big gift and leave it at that.  Out of your great big heart, you gave.  From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you.

Thank you for the kindle, which will be used and greatly enjoyed by both the optimizer and me.

Thank you, even more, for the ways you show me how to live a joy-filled, giving life that blesses people wherever you go.

I am delighted and humbled by your gift.  May you receive your reward in full. (Matthew 6:4

With love,
The Satisficer

To the rest of my readers,
Yes.  I was secretly given a kindle yesterday by someone who was very sneaky and undercoverish.  I had some hunches but it wasn't that easy to figure out, because I am, indeed, surrounded by generous people.

I want to me more like them.  More like all those people who think, not of themselves, but of others.  More like those people who daily pour out their lives and resources in big and small ways.  More like those people whose eyes are on Christ and not on the fleeting treasures of this world.  More like those people who live out the Kingdom here and now as they await the Kingdom to come.

I want to be an optimizer and a satisficer in the Kingdom of God.

Optimizing the opportunities and gifts He daily gives, giving them back in joyful love and service

Satisfied completely in Him.    


Sharon said...

Beth my friend, you could have written this post about yourself. You ARE one of the generous, kind, loving people you described!

Kathie said...

How sweet!!

Hmmm - do you have the Kindle fairy's address?? Or do I leave a note under my pillow *grin*

I want to like that too


I find that you are already that way - such a lovely encourager. I'm glad to know you. And I want to come swim in your pool sometime! You can come walk on my beach :)

sending love!

Kathie said...

A great link for free Kindle books (and other bargains!) -

Beth said...

Sharon and Kathie,
Thank you. You are very kind.

Kathie - dreaming about a pool/beach rendevous. And thanks for the free Kindle book link. I'll definitely check it out.

Bonnie said...

A Kindle fairy......I'll remember that!Enjoy . I sat with my college neighbor on the plane to NY in March watching her read and explain why she loves it! Almost got one when I got back but haven't yet. Got a few paperbacks for the beach today of old books that I have. That will have to due for now!
Read Food Rules.........yes a quick read. Good.

Missy K said...

This post needs an A-MEN.

I have a friend who has that kind of blow-off-the-doors, heart-for-others generosity, and it is so inspiring.

Enjoy the gift!