Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Done for now

OK.  I'm think I'm done tweaking for now.  Thanks to suggestions from Kandyce and Jennifer, I figured out how to make that blue flax from my garden fill the header space by adding a CSS code snippet and resizing the photo.  Are you impressed?  Don't be.  Without savvy bloggy people to lead me along, I'd be lost.  Thanks, you two.  I also learned how to use piknik for editing from Picassa.  That's a useful tool for those of us who don't have fancy-dancy photo editing software.

Now, how about a little content.


The three boys living at home this summer all head out the door to summer internships and jobs.  Andrew started at Piedmont Natural Gas in the Business Development Office yesterday.  Matthew begins his summer internship today with the Metrolina Baptist Association, working with churches all over the metro area.  Joel continues at his regular job at Chik-fil-a, making customers happy while they eat overpriced but very tasty fast food.  I know.  I've described his job that way before, but it's true.  They treat their customers right and  have really good lemon meringue pie.  Far better than the pie at Hot Fish Club.  But I digress.

With the boys all gone, I'm home alone with a list a mile long.

First on that list for today, garden chores.  I head out to the garden to weed, clean up massive fallen oak limbs, plant more seeds, and prepare an area out front for a tidy ground cover to replace the weeds.  I wish I had a pick-up with a chain so I could pull the tree stump from the Bradford pear that fell out of the ground.  Instead, I think I'll call our little local hardware store and ask for a recommendation of a local stump puller-outer.

Coty starts heading home today (he arrives tomorrow) from two and a half weeks in India. That's why there haven't been any pictures here lately.  He has my camera in India, taking pictures like these.

It's dry season there and very hot.  When we talked one day he told me that he was sitting in the shade thinking how nice and cool it was.  It was 95 degrees.  Cool, yeah.

Also, on my list for today.  Reading.  I have another mile long-list just for that.  I might put it over in the sidebar which means that if you read this blog in google reader, you might just have to click over to the real thing.  But then, you'll get to see the pretty header.  So, it will be worth it.  I am rambling now, so I will stop, fill my water bottle with ice water, don my gloves, and get outside where it will be about as hot as Bapatla in the shade today.

Happy June 1st!


Missy K said...

Happy June! It is hot today-- having to switch from our whole house fan to AC earlier and earlier. :-)

Just Me said...

I thought you said contest...not content. I was trying to figure out what the competition was!

Just Me said...

And by the way, I have a pick-up with a chain!

Scotty and Lisa said...

So great your boys are home for the summer (some of them)! Oh, Summer...sounds lovely, even 95 degrees. You'll have a rude awakening (or maybe a nice break) here when I see you in August. I get to see you in August!!! :) Can't wait. Love you.

The Unsell Family said...

Love your header! Would love to see your reading list!

bwilliams said...

Beth, your flax is gorgeous. Alas, I have none planted this year. But, I do have a LOT hanging in the barn loft waiting to be processed. Going from the plant to linen yarn is more work than I can contemplate right now. One more week of school...finals start tomorrow...YEAH! Hope you have a great summer. Maybe I will run into you somewhere, like Maryjo's

bwilliams said...

Beth, I tried to leave a comment on the pimento cheese on your other site, but wasn't able to. We love pc&b sanwiches and Amber's aunt always serves strawberry jam with her Christmas cheese ring. That combo is really good so I'll have to try your suggestion. Hot strawberry jam sounds intriguing!