Friday, May 06, 2011

Test time

I got home just in time for ...

test time.

Yep.  It's that season.

I'm up late tonight finishing writing the final exam for my field biology students.
My students take it over the next week.
Then I grade it.
Then I'm done!

Tuesday, Joel took a precalculus exam.
Tomorrow, he takes his first AP exam of the season.
The next day, he takes the SAT.
The next Wednesday, he takes another AP exam.
Then he has one more final - for chemistry.
Then he's done!

He told me the other day that he is looking forward to reading books this summer, just for fun.  That boy has studied hard this year and he is really ready to sit on the porch swing with a novel and read just because he wants to.

I'm glad that he has had some challenging classes this year, that he has worked his way through a lot of material, taking copious notes along the way, that he has studied and drilled and taken practice exams, that he is a diligent student.

I'm even happier that he is a reader.  When the days of classes and test taking are over, a reader's world is boundless.  When school is done, a reader goes right on learning... on a porch swing with a cold glass of lemonade. 


Laura A said...

Congratulations to Joel! Don't you just love a reader? A book on a porch with a glass of lemonade sounds so lovely.

Beth said...

I do love a reader. I've got several of them here. I'm envisioning family reading hour on the porch this summer - each of us with our book, a glass of lemonade, and maybe a plate of gingersnaps to share.

bwilliams said...

Beth, I am also winding down for the school year. My students begun their final exam projects today. This year I am doing something different in an effort to engage the students while saving money on paper, ink/toner, etc. The culminating product of their research will be an online book. We are using, which is very user friendly. The books will be available for viewers on the mixbook site, and if parents want they can have them printed at a reasonable price. I am thinking that next year my students will use this site to create an online portfolio of their work (parents may really be interested in having a copy of that). I have started a blog for the class to keep up with everything and to allow them to contact me with questions when not in class. If you want to check it out it is We are also going to do some digital photography lessons next year along with podcasting. I am thinking podcasting will be great for interviews of local artists, and for students to demonstrate mastery of techniques. I am trying out some new ideas. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Now, where could I find an old dog? Hmmm....