Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Eighteenth Monday

Mostly thankful today...

for our oldest son, Jonathan and his wife, Kandyce and for the opportunity to visit them here in Denver;

for meeting their Iraqi family and spending an afternoon in the beautiful Denver Botanic Garden with them;

for Jonathan and Kandyce's compassionate, giving hearts,

for their good friends,

their church,

their work,

their home;

for shopping (Fancy Tiger!), yoga class, knitting, and talking sewing with Kandyce,

for cooking and cleaning up together,

for hiking and seeing strikingly beautiful places,

for great conversations,

laughing over old stories,

and seeing a child I butted heads with so often in his younger years grown into such a fine young man married to an amazing woman I dearly love.

hiking with J and K in the Flatirons today



Peg said...

sounds like yall are having a blast :) so glad to hear Beth!

Como Say What? said...

i couldn't agree more with what you wrote about those two people! i love them too.

kkp said...

miss grapes, you are sweet.

and beth amma, you are too kind. i was actually silently cursing my decision not to stay in the car and nap the entire trip up the flatirons. :)

Bonnie said...

Looks like fun!
My boys go out on in a week to see where their dad grew up and do the same: hiking in those gorgeous mountains. Yes, time with your son and daughter-in-law is precious!