Monday, April 25, 2011

Seventeeth Monday

For simple things, like

sheets billowing in the warm spring breeze,

Morning light,

tiny, fragrant garden treasures,

outdoor learning days,

and turtles on a log.

I give thanks.

And of course, there is more,
Much, much more....

and celebrating it early
with a birdsong choir in the background
followed by breakfast 
with our church family
an original Easter poem
and words that stirred

the love of our family
having boys home
laughing on the porch
Easter afternoon time with extended family
fun, games, talk, laughter

a phone call with my oldest best friend
morning time with friend, C, to spur each other on toward godliness
my Thursday morning women - we talk, study, pray

meeting Albert's parents and
dinner on the porch with
stories and friends,
helping hands and
the best food, shared

the first wood thrush of the spring
heard on awakening this morning
a walk
spring growth
garden promise
dirt to dig
seeds to plant
waiting expectantly for germination
picking herbs
a whiff of a fragrant rose

1768- 2003!


Laura A said...

Oh, you heard a wood thrush! That's one of my favorite bird songs.

It all sounds lovely, really.

And I particularly like the photo with the chair in light and shadow.

Beth said...

Oh, Laura, I love the wood thrush! It makes me so happy to hear it.

And thank you - that's an old, old chair and the sun just hits it early in the morning.