Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the garden

Blue flax

I love these little flowers.  I'd like to have a terrace full.

The terrace beds are all planted.  
The top is herbs - lavender, cilantro, basil and rosemary.  
Second terrace is spinach and beets with a few lettuce plants and blue flax on the corner  
The third terrace has lemon thyme and parsley plus newly planted dill and bush beans and penstemmon, comfrey and chives planted last year.
The bottom terrace has irises, a lovely fragrant variegated rose, leeks, perpetual spinach from the fall, and daylilies.
Along the bottom, in the retaining wall garden, (you can see the pool fence and edge of the pool just beyond it) from left to right, lamb's ears with a potted gardenia between them, two kinds of lettuce, two kinds of chard, banana peppers, radishes and then the shady area with a cranesbill geranium, caladiums, impatiens, bleeding heart, more lamb's ears and a potted lady's mantle. (that last little shady section was planted after I took the picture, sorry).
Along the top of the wall are shasta daisies, black-eyed Susans, knock-out roses, and hostas.  
I may plant some purple lobelia or petunias along in front of this section.

 And on the other side of the brick walk, just across from the retaining wall bed, a little mulched pathway and beds that are starting to fill in nicely with hostas, coral bells, gold dust acubas, lemon balm, and growing up the lattice on one side, a Lady Banks rose, and on the other side, a fall clematis.  At the end of this walk is another bed (that you can't see) where I am trying straw bale gardening for cucumbers.  There is also bee balm, purple salvia, obedient plant, and another rosemary just beyond the old garden chair.

In front of the retaining wall, the Julia Child (knock-out type) roses that I planted last year are doing beautifully this year.  I've just reworked this area, weeding, digging, amending the soil and moving the yellow Asiatic lilies and planting a ground cover of purple vinca.  I have mulch for the path here and am pleased that this area, that was rather an eyesore last year, is starting to look prettier.

I've dug a new bed near the pool, in the corner between the bricks and the new pool fence.  I'm watching the sun here and think that it is a close second in exposure to my top terraces.  I really have so little sun in this garden.  It is a challenge to find spots with a full six hours (about the minimum for really productive veggies).  But this spot is looking pretty good and it is all ready for tomatoes and flowers - zinnias, marigolds, cosmos, four o'clocks, larkspur, and yarrow.

There is another area beside this new bed to dig, and pots to plant with container type cherry tomatoes and peppers.  I am hoping for a very productive and beautiful garden this year.  I do love such a mix of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and perennials.  

There are a lot of challenges in this garden - slopes, heavy clay soil, shade from large oaks and hickories - but it is evolving into a lovelier garden each year.  And that is what makes a gardener happy... more to do and more beauty to coax out, nurture, and enjoy.

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tonia said...

oh my, Beth. This is stunning. I wish you could come fix my yard for me. :) I'd bring you iced tea and encouragement from the sidelines, I promise!

Seriously though, you do AMAZING work. So glad you have had fun visiting your family!