Sunday, April 17, 2011


What blog?

Oh, yeah.  I have a blog.

Don't worry, friends.  I am still here ...  and fine.  I've just been busy living ... with little motivation to write about living.

The weather alternates between gorgeous and treacherous.  When it's gorgeous, I just want to be outside.  When it's treacherous, I just want to be inside ... at my sewing machine.

I'm exaggerating a bit to call the weather we've had treacherous.  Folks in other places have had it much worse.  But we did have a storm one night with 90 mph winds which took down one Bradford pear tree and part of a very large oak branch.  Thankfully, nothing landed on our house.  But I think it's only a matter of time - surrounded as we are by these big oaks.

About that sewing machine.  It is my best friend right now, my creative side-kick, my machine of choice.  Sorry, Toshiba laptop.  I do like you, but you can't sew a straight seam.

Here's a little something I finished the other day ...

It is, of course, for Clara.  Simplicity 5695.

And this goes with it ...

I saw this sweet pattern here and fell in love with it.  A swingy little sweater coat.  It's a free download from Ravelry.  Here.  The yarn is Cascade 220 Quatro in turquoise (5018)  from Cottage Yarn.  I tried the cross-stitch embellishments in the "ditches" on the yoke, but liked it better without them.

A little Easter outfit for a northern clime.
 (I need a better hanger - a little bitty one that doesn't make the shoulders poke out!)

Would you like to see the sweater up a little closer...

Loops instead of buttonholes.  I like them a lot!

I can show you these pictures now because the package got to Erin, Luke, and Clara on Saturday.  I don't have to keep a secret any longer.  Whew!

I just can't wait to see Miss Clara wearing her dress and sweater.  That treacherous windy weather foiled us on Saturday.  Our power was out so no internet so no skyping to see our sweet girl wearing her new clothes.

I promise a picture as soon as I get one.

I have another major project in the works, but it is still a secret.  I hope to show you soon.  How soon, of course, will depend on whether I spend more time with the Toshiba or the Singer. 


Laura A said...

Oh, that dress is so absolutely adorable! And the sweater, too. And yes, you do need a sweater for Easter in a northern clime. Even if Easter is at the very end of April, apparently ;-). I like the way the blue picks up the flowers in the dress.

If you get photos of Clara wearing her new outfit, will you post those, too?

Laura A said...

Oh, forgot to say, glad you made it through the bad weather. That is so April in the South!

Beth said...

Thanks, Laura. I took the fabric with me to the yarn shop to pick out the yarn and that blue was perfect. It will look so pretty with Clara's blue eyes. I'll post a picture whenever I have one.

April has been a very schizophrenic month here. This weekend was typical, tornado warnings and downpours on Saturday, blissfully beautiful sunshine and warm breezes on Sunday. I'm glad for the rain, but I could do without all that wind!

Kelly said...

It's so cute! That photo of the two together is beautiful.
I have a few hangers you can have if you'd like.

Beth said...

Yes, Kelly, I'd love a couple of hangers. Thanks!

Bonnie said...

Those are so precious!
Hope time is given to you for the "secret "project. Time is a gift.

Kathie said...

So sweet!! My goodness I wish you lived closer - maybe you could teach me how to knit and sew. :) and if I proved to be hopeless (which I suspect might be true), we could walk and chat and drink tea on your porch.

I've been absent from my blog too although for different reasons - we are in the middle of renovations and the house is in an uproar. It's been hard to settle down to do anything - I keep wanting to hide in the basement until it's all over!! It will be worth all the upheaval when it's done but it seems to be taking forever!

Beth said...

Bonnie, I snatch time when I can. I do have more these days than I used to!

Kathie, you'll have to show us the renovations when you're done. I'd love to visit with you. Come to NC sometime! Or maybe someday I'll get to PEI. That would be lovely!

bwilliams said...

Just beautiful Beth. Regretfully my sewing machine and laptop have both been neglected, and as for my blog...wellll..ahummm...if it were a child I would be in jail! I seem to be having some sort of midlife motivational issue. Just can't get myself into doing anything other than the day to day job and home upkeep. But, summer is on the way. And, this year I actually will have some school this year! Yeah, bring on summer break! Woohoo!

Beth said...

You've had a such a big push finishing up your projects for school, I'm sure a little motivational breathing space is in order. I'm sure it will be a lovely summer - hope Amber and the boys will get plenty of time up there with you!