Monday, March 07, 2011

Tenth Tuesday, 2011

Ten weeks into the year.  Seems it just got started with a wedding and now, already, it is spring!

We started this week with company - a dear friend who is one of the pastors from our mother church.  This is his 8th year visiting us in March.  We hope he keeps up the streak!  David's daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter are here, too.  How fun to get to know this couple that we've heard so much about and play with a little one who is only 20 days younger than Clara!

So, starting out the week with a full house, I give thanks for...

David's visit
The chance to open our home to his family.  What a privilege!
Sunday lunch out with Fred and Lori
Daffodils everywhere, forsythia, too, and...
Bradford pears - not my favorite - but a sure sign of the arrival of spring
Learning to distinguish the songs of the chorus frogs
A clean garage
Thomas and Kay nearby
Bright sun on a Monday morning
A looooong walk with Heidi last Friday
Andrew.  Home.  Hooray!
A trip to Colorado coming up
Quilt binding

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