Wednesday, March 09, 2011


With the daffodils and pears in full bloom, I put away the darker runner on the shelf top and spent a little time making a new one.  I used leftovers from this quilt, a bit of an embroidered napkin, the edging from an old tablecloth, and some fabric from the stash for the back...

There was no pattern.  I just put it together as I went along, sewing the strips and blocks directly to the batting fabric, then joining the backing around the edges.  The binding is stitched to the front and awaits the final hand stitching.  I'm waiting for read aloud time to do that little bit of handwork.

This blog is inspiration to be playful with the fabrics. 

I'm warmed up now and ready for my next quilt.  I've started going through my stash and collecting some new fabrics, inspired by this post.  Cutting starts today!

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Bonnie said...

How gorgeous. I've been looking at Kaffe Fassett's quilting books and dreaming.