Monday, February 14, 2011

Seventh Monday, 2011

I started reading Ann's book this week.  I am more encouraged than ever in this chronicling of God's specific gifts.  He is not a generalist.  He doesn't just give food.  He gives butternut squash and ripe red strawberries, hearty whole grain bread and spicy ginger, all of which I enjoyed tonight for dinner. I am grateful.

Tonight, I also give thanks for:

- worship at the hospital with church friends
- a little one who's been through so much in his young life already, still smiling
- my mama's beautiful old wool coat
- sunshine and warmth
- a great meal with friends
- my sewing machine
- old clothes - repurposed
- company coming - again! 
- sweet gifts and a sweet day with my friend, Carla
- cooking for my guys
- sun and warmth and the feel of spring
- friends who are willing to drive a very long way to bring Matthew home in March!
- knitted hats

On this Valentine's Day - and every day - I'm also very, very thankful for the man I married.  He is tender, intelligent, quiet, thoughtful, wise, diligent, disciplined, forgiving and forbearing.

But that is a general list.  Here is one very specific thing for which I am thankful.  In the winter, he usually gets in bed before I do.  He deliberately lies down on my side of the bed.  When I crawl under the covers, he slides over to the cold side so that I can be enveloped in warmth. One of the happy moments of each night is that moment when I feel the warm sheets around me and his warm body next to mine.  I lay my arm across his chest and breathe a sigh of contentment and rest.  Thank you, sweetheart, for warm sheets and warm love.

God's gifts are good.  Very, very good.


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