Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fifth Monday

Sometimes connections are just amazing!  I sat at a restaurant tonight with a dear friend and her very dear friend she'd met when they worked in China together.  I knew her friend because he is a friend of good friends of mine and somehow we made the connection that he had worked with my friend when he lived in China and worked for the same branch of government that she did.  Are you confused?  It does seem a little crazy.  As we sat in the restaurant together, they remarked more than once how amazing it was to be sitting in a restaurant in Charlotte - connecting through our family - when the last time they had seen each other was in China.  Like I said, sometimes connections are just amazing!

Tonight I am praising and thanking God for the way he weaves our lives and connects us - across time and distance.

1650.  Jenn, here from China, reconnecting with dear friends
1651.  Ashley, who visited from Minneapolis
1652.  Kevin, from Arizona
1653.  an out of the blue phone call from a Kenyan woman last week - and the connections that were discovered there
1654.  reconnecting with college friends
1655. Abby, Grace, Kandyce, Jonathan - I love how these children of ours have connected in the years since Teresa and I met while speaking together to a group of homeschool moms.  Who'd have thunk it?  That the connections would extend as they have - over time and vast geography.
1656.  phone calls and facebook chats with missionary mom friends in Bolivia and China last week
1657.  "word of mouth" recommendations
1658.  skype tea parties with Erin, Clara, and assorted stuffed animal friends!


Kathie said...

What would we do without Skype!! Such a blessing to reconnect with all your friends.

Amber Benton said...

A skype tea-party! Wow - who would have thunk?!