Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Third Tuesday 2011

It's a good thing, when you feel weak and tired,
when the last of your visiting children has hopped on an airplane to a far-away place,
when the exhaustion finally begins to hit, 
and you feel the let down of all that time of sweet togetherness
and really just want to crawl in the bed
and cry.

It's a good thing to stop and remember the gifts of recent days, large and small,

And to tell Him thank you for:

who come home for long breaks
and those who call when they leave home
and skype
and those who send beautiful notes
and those who bring over laundry and jump dead batteries
and those who let me hug them and cry way too early in the morning

the sweetest little granddaughter in the world...
who can say Gramma now so clearly
and smiles when she sees me.

who read emails late at night and respond
who pray fierce prayers
and give you strong counsel
and shoot you an expression across a hall that says "I understand."
and those that laugh with you

who are brave 
and generous
and supportive
and don't quit
and break up snow with a pitchfork
and try the latest gadgets
and are OK after a trip to the ER

a husband...
who loves babies
and the word of God
and welcomes visitors
even when he's really tired
and walks every day
and almost, always says yes when the question is, Daddy, do you want to play?

Every good and perfect gift 
comes from above, from the Father of  lights 
who does not change like shifting shadows. 
James 1:17

#'s 1617-1644

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Kathie said...

Such beautiful gifts! Sending hugs <3


The wv is minesick - and I am! :)