Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Second Tuesday - 2011

Quiet morning time with Bible and books
A hug from behind, a kiss in passing
A caring phone call
Chocolate chip pancakes
Real maple syrup

Red-bellied woodpecker and yellow-rumped warbler
Goldfinch and Carolina wren
White-throated sparrow and chickadee
Flash of male cardinal
And swoop of mockingbird

Snow and a runner sled loaned by a neighbor
Dogwood branches and buds encased in ice
An icy walk around the block
Crust of ice on the snow cracks under our feet
Warm boots, warm coat, warm hat
Hot drinks

Newlyweds here for dinner
Games and boys here to play them

A warm bed and a warm embrace awaiting

Thank you, Father, for the good gifts of this day.

#'s 1591 - 1616


Linda said...

I am here from Tonia's blog Beth. I wanted to meet you because I think perhaps we have some things in common. Your list is lovely. I am part of the Gratitude Community too.
I am going to visit here for a bit and get to know you if that's all right.

Yolanda said...

Wonderful list. I was blessed while visiting you today.Hope you have a lovely week.