Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Looking back at the holidays: Part 2

These two flew in from Denver later in the day on Christmas Eve.  I am very happy we weren't dealing with bad weather, canceled flights or any of that kind of mess.  Jonathan and Kandyce got here right on time and in plenty of time for our Christmas Eve turkey dinner.  Then a joint Christmas Eve service with the Korean church whose building we share and afterwards, home for the traditional Christmas Eve reading together.  Same stories plus a new one this year by Walter Wangerin.  We were so sleepy, I think it was a mistake to add a third story.  Next year we'll stick to Ramona and the Austins and save the other stories for other days.

Christmas Day was delightfully laid back this year.  I so enjoyed just being with my family. No fuss, no rush.  I don't even have any pictures of the day, but in the evening...

 ... it snowed!

It was the first measurable snow on Christmas around here since 1947.  Some of us went for a midnight walk around the neighborhood in the falling snow.


kk said...

we would have come on the walk if we had known! :)

miss you all.

Beth said...

Next time we'll wake you up!

We miss you, too. It's getting quieter around here :(