Sunday, January 09, 2011

And then we had a wedding: Part 4

And after the wedding and a few pictures, a very fun reception!

We danced...

and ate...

sang some songs...

and danced some more.

There were toasts and cake cut,
Flowers tossed and bubbles blown,
and tin cans on the back of the car
as Thomas and Kay drove away...
Oh, what a perfect reception!

Once again, I am so incredibly thankful for all the special folks who helped us - family and friends who baked yummy treats and loaned beautiful silver for our tables; Albert, who emceed the reception; Mr Hayes, who jumped right in and took care of little details; and so, so many who pitched in, celebrated with us and then, bless their hearts, stayed to help us clean up!

thanks to Gray Kasko and Jennifer Mauney for their photos

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