Friday, January 07, 2011

And then we had a wedding: Part 2

Friday morning, I bought flowers.  Then I spent two quiet hours at the church all by myself, arranging flowers for the tables and beginning the cooking.  It was a sweet, uninterrupted time to get my thoughts together and enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the smells of good food cooking.  I was fun to the see everything falling into place according to the plan!

Kristin, Jonathan and Kandyce, Erin and Luke all joined me at various points in the morning and I got home in the afternoon by the time I wanted to.

Back to the church at 4:00 to give instructions to my incredible dinner helpers, Natalia, Paula, and Cindy.  Thank you, you three, for your seamless, grace-filled help.  After that, it was upstairs to the rehearsal, already in progress.

I will not bore you with rehearsal details but will say that rehearsals are necessary, especially when you have a large wedding party.  People who can coordinate rehearsals and weddings and tell all those people what to do, when to walk, how fast to walk, where to stand, etc., etc., etc. are also indispensable.  We had two people "running the show."  Thank you, thank you, thank you Erin and Carla.  You made everything go smoothly.  You noticed details.  You kept everybody in line.  Not an easy task with this crazy bunch!

Then it was time for dinner.  Lights were twinkling, food was set out on the buffet table, people found their seats and the festivities began.

Here I am very sorry that I have no good photos. Aaaaaargh!  Many of us, in our post-wedding conversations, shared that the rehearsal dinner was one of our favorite times of the whole weekend.  The food really turned out just as I had hoped, everything went smoothly and the comments to Thomas and Kay, shared by family and friends - stories, words of wisdom and the like - were so heartwarming, funny, and special!

So, here's the lesson I learned.  I should have given my camera to someone else and told them to take LOTS of pictures.  Because, clearly, I was too busy to do it.  I'm just hoping some other family members and friends did a better job than I did in the photo department. 

In case you're wondering, I have posted the dinner menu with my tweaks and links over at Good Food.

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