Friday, December 03, 2010

Wise words to a young man...

...from a wise mama:

"...Practice your faith.  Always be working towards a harmony between your living and your believing.   If you believe you are saved by grace, then live grace.  If you believe God forgives you, then live forgiveness.  Don't lie to yourself and others by professing a faith you aren't willing to live.

...Don't ever forget that Jesus is a Person.  He's not a holy book, not a collection of behaviors or rituals.  He's not a community of believers, not a way of believing.  He's the flesh and blood revelation of your God.  Talk to Him, listen to Him, be with Him, study Him.  Libraries of books have been written, lifetimes of sermons have been preached about how to be a Christ-follower - but nothing will help you without a living relationship with Jesus Himself." 

(To read the whole letter, visit my friend, Tonia, here).

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