Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Forty-eighth Tuesday

I wrote last night but before I finished and before I could post, my solicitous husband urged me to get my starting-to-get-sick body to bed.  So, I shut everything down and slept.  Long and well.  Still scratchy this morning and a bit stuffy, but as soon as I post, I'm heading out for a slow walk on a lovely sunny, chilly day.  I'm one of those people who thinks that fresh air does wonders to chase away illness. Don't worry, I'll wrap up.  

Here's this week's (late) Gratitude Community post...

It's a scratchy throat day with dripping rain. Our gray skies hold no snowflakes, only drizzle.  Our trees are now bare, except for the few oak and beech leaves that will hang on til they are finally knocked off by winter winds in January or pushed out by new buds in March.  They look tattered and tired.

Kind of how I felt a couple of days ago. Instead of tenaciously hanging on like the beech leaves do til new growth comes in, that day I wanted to just let go, drift off, and settle... a brittle oak leaf at the bottom of the pile. Yeah, some days just feel that way. 

God, in his mercy, gave gifts that day and the days that have followed that lifted my eyes and refreshed me, body and spirit.  Gifts like...

1504. a good brisk walk
1505. a patient husband
1506. a thoughtful son
1507. a funny son
1508. the smell of Rachel's gingersnaps being baked in my kitchen
1509. a clean bedroom
1510. a good night's sleep
1511. friends who empathize because they, too, have been there
1512. prayer
1513. music
1514. Advent readings
1515. kind store clerks
1516. candlelight
1517. flowers on the table
1518. cardinals at the feeder
1519. foot rubs
1520. Scripture, read aloud

Do you detect a common theme running through these last two entries?  It's true.  I've been quite tired and a bit overwhelmed lately.  A dry, brittle leaf, easily blown around.

But now, dear ones, it is Advent!  I am glad and thankful for this season, reminded of the life giving branch from the root of Jesse, whose birth we anticipate in these days ahead.  Coming into this season feeling dry and weary makes the joy of Jesus's coming even more precious.  And so for that reason, I will give thanks as well, for ...

1521. the brittle leaf days.

holy experience

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