Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fiftieth Tuesday

I feel quiet tonight.  Quietly thankful.  For...

1540.  songs that give voice to pain and weakness and point to hope in Christ
1541.  little things that got noticed by a newcomer to church
1542.  Jonathan G's hug and a blue, ring pop smile and a sticky kiss
1543.  safe travel home for Andrew
1544.  a visit with my parents for my dad's 84th birthday!!!
1545.  time to work in their garden and plant bulbs
1546.  skyping with grandbaby Clara frequently these days
1547.  transparent conversations
1548.  examples in our church family of sacrificial living and mercy ministry
1549.  a thoughtful gift from someone who knows my love for stinky cheese!
1550.  prayers of friends
1551.  co-op, which I love and the fact that we're done now til the new year
1552.  the pink of dawn through bare trees
1553.  a new book of poems - thank you Bonnie and Emma
1554.  Grammie (Coty's mom) - also 84 today!!
1555.  acoustic guitar
1556.  Helen on piano
1557.  a perfect dinner - pumpkin curry soup, bread, salad, cheese, figs
1558.  lingering over coffee and cake with Andrew and Coty
1559.  boys that never forget to say "goodnight mommy, love you."
1560.  a warm bed to head up to....

Good night, dear ones.  Count your blessings.  Name them.  And as you do, I pray that you, too, will know the peace that comes from acknowledging the steadfast love and goodness of God in all things.

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