Thursday, December 02, 2010

About that header... and a few garden notes

It was time for a change.  The black-eyed Susans are done for the season, but these berries are now commanding attention in the garden.  They belong to the American beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) that is now planted along northeast edge of the front shade garden. 

I saw this shrub several years ago at the UNCC botanical garden and loved it from the moment I saw it.  Now, I have one in my very own garden.  Not sure why I waited so long, except that until this year, most of my perennial plant purchases have been in the spring.  With the front foundation garden re-do this fall, I spent lots of time looking at shrubs and ground covers and so I've come across the beautyberry again. 

The first time I saw it at Christy's this fall was like catching a glimpse of an old friend across a room. I glanced those bright berries on the other side of a monochromatic mass of hollies and made a beeline down the gravel path and around the corner to admire several beautyberry shrubs, bare of their leaves but sporting their fall bauble finery.  Happy to make your acquaintance again.

Another fall addition is new front porch pots, also from Christy's.  Have I said that I love that nursery and so appreciate the women who work there!  It's true.  Barbara, who was there the Saturday I went shopping for pots, spent quite a while with me suggesting possibilities, moving pots around, setting them in the sun for a better look.  She was a huge help.  Here's what I chose...

Lovely shape and interesting detail in a glazed ceramic pot.  The color contrasts nicely with the greens of variegated cast iron plant (the tall spiky one), holly fern, autumn fern, ajuga (the round leaved purplish one) and some violas for happy faced color.

Now, I promise I will show you the foundation re-do, but at the moment, everything and I do mean everything, is littered with white oak leaves, which doesn't make for very attractive garden photos.  Soon as I rake, I will take pictures. 

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