Thursday, November 04, 2010

Something else to do on a November day

Bring flowers inside.

I walked out back a little while ago and picked a few black-eyed susans from the plant that is pictured in the header above.  That plant first appeared on the night of the proposal.  (see it right there on the table in front of the happy couple).  It has bloomed prodigiously and continuously ever since.  It sits on an old bench on my deck right outside my kitchen window and is such a beautiful spot of color.

I also picked a few roses.  Red knock-outs and the peppermint striped floribunda.  Both still have new buds and just seem to keep right on blooming and blooming.  More bright spots of beauty.

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Islandsparrow said...

Such lovely bright blooms! I'll have to admire them from afar - and pick up a few blooming houseplants :)

Love your rainy chilly Nov activities - baking is one of my favourites too.