Friday, November 12, 2010

Sitting in the sunshine

It has been quite a week.  My Friday class is over.  I don't have to go anywhere for a few hours.  So, I am sitting at the end of the kitchen table, the sunshine streaming across my shoulders and head, the sounds of a chickadee on the feeder outside the window behind me. 

I am tired.  But I feel glad. 

Glad for those middle school students, some of whom know more about birds than I do, who sit around my table and eagerly raise their hands to identify the birds I show on the screen.  I'm trying to get a feel for what they already know and I am impressed!

Glad for the many people who have provided such tender tag team care for our friend, Rachel.  She will be coming "home" to my house soon (hopefully tomorrow) and I look forward to this home, instead of the hospital, being the place where dear ones will come to visit.  I think it's time to make a big batch of cookies so that many can enjoy tea time and restful visits with Rachel in the days and weeks ahead.

Glad to learn something I never really thought I'd learn how to do.  I now know how to change a colostomy bag! (warning - the link may be way more information than you really want to know unless you like anatomy or things medical).

Glad for a chance to reconnect with some friends from college last night and again tonight at our Davidson Cluster Reunion. (although, I admit, I get nervous before these kinds of gatherings.  I expect I will be doing a fair amount of nametag reading).

Glad for the progress out front.  Chandra, it's almost done.  At least, a large part of it.  I promise pictures soon.  I am now an ever bigger fan than ever of Dearness Gardens.  It is worth paying more for the expertise and friendly advice they give to someone like me with a whole LOT of questions.  Truly, if you want to go beyond the chain hardware store nursery offerings and you live in the Charlotte, NC area, go visit them.

Glad for my boys.  While sitting here in the sunshine, I just received a big hug accompanied by sweet words from Joel .  Just before that, I'd received a very thorough and wonderful shoulder massage from Thomas.  My boys sure do take good care of me when Coty is away.

Glad that it's only a little more than a week before Coty returns.  He's been gone a long time.

Glad for apples from the mountains (thanks, Amber), the loan of clothes from my personal style adviser (thanks, Carla), and glad for time to pray with Cindy, Paula, and Martha.  What a gift these friends are!

Glad for strength to keep going when that's necessary and glad for moments to stop.

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Just Me said...

I am glad your garden is almost "done." Although I bet you'll be tweaking it for years to come! I can't wait to see pictures. I have passed by Dearness Gardens so many times (usually after hours) and wanted to stop...I love the name. I will have to stop by soon and see for myself! Chandra