Monday, October 11, 2010

Mighty hunter

If you've ever had a cat, you know how they like to share their predatory victories with their families.  Dead birds and mice on the doorstep, as if to announce, "Look what I caught and killed.  Aren't you proud of me!"

Well, for the second time in three days, Madison the cat has brought his prey indoors.  Saturday night, it was dead and I called Thomas to come and take it outside.  Tonight it was ALIVE and HOPPING AROUND THE ROOM!

Apparently, mighty hunger kitty has found a rabbit nest.  Tonight he had not killed the bunny, but instead must have carried it inside through the open back door (that opens onto the screen porch that has a hole in the screen of the door, kitty usually comes and goes as he pleases).  Joel was sitting in the classroom, heard a squeak and looked around to see Madison stalking his prey. 

Thomas, the animal catcher in our family,  jumped to action, shooed kitty away, and caught the bunny.

Isn't it cute????

His little heart was beating so fast, poor frightened thing!
 We stroked his so soft fur, and then Thomas took the little guy out to the edge of the woods.  He sat completely still for a few seconds and then hopped quickly away.  I hope he knows his way home.  And I hope Madison will give up on his bunny hunting!


Lindele said...

One of our cats caught a bunny once. The poor little thing was screaming and we shooed the cat off it and kept it overnight. It had a cut on its chest and we put Bactine on it! We let it go the next morning and it did the same thing - sat there for a few seconds and then dashed off.

Islandsparrow said...

He is so cute! Our mother cat (who was killed on the road last fall) was a tremendous hunter - and she like to leave the proof on our doorstep. One day last year she left a squirrel's tail and rabbit feet. Full grown rabbit feet... her son, our outdoor cat, likes to hunt too - but he would rather play with his prey than eat them.