Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If you're following the re-do...

-all the old scraggly azaleas that are coming out are OUT

-new gumpo azaleas (they stay small!), pieris, gardenia radicans,  more pansies, and some creeping vinca have been purchased.  They await soil amendment and planting.

-Billy just made a visit to my house and will give me an estimate on getting a small area of lawn tilled and new grass planted.  I hope it's less than the amount he quoted while we stood out in the rain and surveyed the weeds.  Billy's a friendly guy who knows his business. All the landscape people I've talked to seem to be like that.  Just an observation.

-I want round river rocks to line the new path.  I don't want to buy them.  If you live in the mountains or near a creek with beautiful big round rocks, or if you just happen to have some laying around your yard that you don't want, bring me some.  I'll bake you some bread or espresso brown sugar sandwich cookies in return.

-I wonder if Billy would do the work for bread and cookies?  Probably not.

-It is a whole lot of fun to walk around a family owned nursery with the owner, especially if she is in her 70's and talks about the plants like they are friends. 

-I like working outside in the rain.

-I finally planted something I've looked at for a long time - pink muhly grass.   It is really as lovely as I hoped, especially in the later afternoon, when the sun slants across through the trees and illuminates the soft pink flumes.

-Pansies may be sort of cliche, but they really are cheerful.  They make me think of Teresa, my best friend from high school.

-I don't know much about ground covers, but I know I would like to cover more ground.  A visit to the UNCC botanical garden or maybe Wing Haven might give me some ideas.

For inspiration as I continue this work, I am reading a lovely collection of letters called Two Gardeners: A Friendship in Letters, the correspondence between Katharine S. White and Elizabeth Lawrence.  It's a treasure of a book that I happened upon at Book Buyer.  It's makes me want to come inside after digging, make a cup of tea, and write a real letter to a far away friend.


Kelly said...

I am envious of your time spent on this project! I have four big beds in the backyard waiting for come and bring them to life. But I have not made it a priority.

Can't wait to see the finished product!

Erica said...

Beth, your home sounds lovely! I wish you could take me to a local nursery and tell me what to do!

Also, our beach is ONLY round rocks . . . not sure that shipping them would be cost-effective, though.

Amber Benton said...


I might be able to sneak in a few rock here and there. Our truck get's pretty full on our trips, though. I'm bringing you back some apples! I'm bringing back A LOT of apples for you and me and Lauren and Kim. No room for rocks this trip.

And about those landscapers and other gradening types. Might it be that they are just well grounded?