Monday, October 11, 2010

Front yard re-do

I have begun a new and long overdo project - a front yard re-do.  I have several goals to accomplish in this landscaping project which include:

-decreasing the amount of lawn in front (we have lots of shade, grass doesn't grow well, i want less to mow) 

-adding a lighted path from the middle of the driveway that cuts across the front and leads past the front garden defining a new planting bed (which will eliminate more grass!).  Most people who visit us park on the street and this will be a nicer entry to the front door.

-correcting the erosion of bare ground down the driveway when it rains

-mulching the fris-cup area where the grass had been killed by heavy traffic

-moving the overgrown azaleas that crowd the front of the house and are very unsightly, especially when filled with brown oak leaves that fall in abundance.  I want something simpler, neater, with some spaces for perennial color.

Here are a few views of the project so far...

Dwarf mondo grass planted in a triangle along the drive and lining the newly hacked out path.

More work on the new path.  The first step involved skimming of the grass and clearing.  Notice the hose that is being used to define the outline of the lawn area that will remain.

Fris-cup area worn bare - this will be mulched. 

Unsightly azaleas will be moved away from the house.

I got a good upper body workout yesterday clearing the path.  Today I'm spending fall break time in this book, perusing old Fine Gardening magazines, and dreaming!  I may try and dig out a couple of azaleas later, and tomorrow, a trip to a nursery, I hope!

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Bonnie said...

That is how I feel about my front yard. Maybe you can let us know what to do in the complete shade. I really want to cover spots with daffodils so at least one time a year there is a show!!