Monday, October 11, 2010

Forty-first Monday

In the cool of the early morning, I sat on the porch, Bible on my lap, coffee on the table beside me.  I curled my legs up under me and huddled under a blanket.  I pulled my hood up over my head.  A cricket chirped.  Slowly, as the sky in the east got lighter, the birds began to wake up.  A cardinal chipped, one single note after another. The vultures flapped and left their perch on the high tension poles in the power cut behind the woods and then soared overhead.  An acorn fell on the roof. 

I listened to the waking day.  I cradled my mug to warm my hands and read this morning...

"My times are in your hand"

I am incredibly thankful that the creator of all this beauty, the one that gives the song to the cardinal and makes the raptors soar, knows me and holds, in his powerful hands, the moments of each of my days...

I give thanks for...

1354.  God's sovereignty
1355.  His wisdom and patience
1356.  Friends who encourage
1357.  Family - physical and spiritual
1358.  the woods around me
1359.  bird song
1360.  the gift of morning quiet time
1361.  reminders that cross bearing is normal life
1362.  good health and the ability to work
1363.  opportunities for creativity
1364.  community lived out in our church family
1365.  dear elderly friends facing hard choices
1366.  time for rest

holy experience

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