Monday, September 27, 2010

Thirty-ninth Monday

Here I am, at the computer, on Monday morning, thinking of a full weekend, a full last week, a full week ahead.  Life is...well... full

Giving thanks for what could feel like incredibly long have-to-do and want-to-do lists transforms them and me.  Instead of burdens, my tasks become privileges.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed and tired at the thought of all that is ahead, I feel ready to step into the week.

Early morning reading in the Psalms and Matthew fuel me.  Reading Helen Roseveare's words in Digging Ditches encourage, and remembering Kathleen Norris's writing on the grace in quotidian (daily, repetitive) tasks shape my anticipation.

God is good.  He orders my days.  He fills them and I pray, sanctifies the steps I take as each is offered to him.  So, for days past and days ahead, with thanksgiving and expectation, I number His gifts...

1298.  rain
1299.  a visit from Vijay and Nani
1300.  a visit from my parents and laughter over cell phone messages!
1301.  soccer, soccer, and more soccer
1302.  books to read, books shared with me (thanks, Amber!)
1303.  turning wool skirts into a quilt someday
1304   another sweater, this close to being finished
1305.  conversations about finances, children, sleeplessness, marriage, relationships
1306.  laughter on the porch
1307.  friends who know where the silverware goes
1308.  landscaping ideas and hard work ahead
1309.  classes to plan
1310.  field trips and gracious "experts" who share their learning and enthusiasm
1311.  the gift of a book of poems (thank you, Bonnie!)
1312.  really, really good food and lots of it, brought and shared
1313.  uncertainties that foster greater trust
1314.  books that speak biblically and well about difficult issues
1315.  boys - well, they're young men now! - that don't feel like company
1316.  a guest room - filled often
1317.  baby videos (thank you, Erin!)
1318.  knitting needles, sewing machine
1319.  watercolor pencils
1320.  students "getting it"
1321.  naming nature
1322.  basswood pods, redbud leaves, blue tailed skink, cardinal song
1323.  phone conversations, facebook chat, skype - connecting over the miles
1324.  joints improving
1325.  the love and embrace of church family
1326.  a delicious send-off and anticipation of a young man's next adventure (praying, John)
1327.  hope in God
1328.  wedding planning
1329.  God's provision
1330.  a little one, home from the hospital (so glad, Donna)
1331.  another little one who carefully escorted his grandmother to the car (so sweet, Kristi!)
1332.  girls, not mine biologically, that call me Mommy

Like yesterday's rain that poured in buckets, His blessings flow...

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Kristi said...

Your blog always reminds me to be thankful :). Thank you!