Saturday, September 11, 2010

A little more from Rosanne Cash

Here are a couple of other parts of that Rosanne Cash interview that I thought about later...

In talking about writing her book, Cash said,
"The memories were there intact. Even if I didn't think I could access them, they were there.  I'm kind of geeky in the way I'm sometimes better on paper than I am in person...I didn't know how I felt about certain things until I wrote about them, I didn't understand the full meaning of certain things til I wrote about them."
I've had that same feeling, about writing and talking.  Sometimes, as I write in my journal, trying to recall details or reflect on something that has happened, or interacting in writing with Scripture I've read, it all begins to make more sense.  I sort and process.  I search for words.  Sometimes a sentence flows from the pen and when I read it, I realize I've come to understand something through the process of writing, that I hadn't gotten before.

Talking can work the same way.  In the process of figuring out how to verbalize an idea, describe a situation, or recall and incident, I sometimes hear myself saying things that I didn't realize I knew.  The talking, like the writing, can be a process that ends up in greater understanding.  Certainly, having a good listener helps.  I want to be both - a thoughtful speaker arriving through conversation at insight, and a careful listener who encourages others to do the same.

The final little section of the interview that I remember was Cash's recollection of her mother, who she says would,
"say little prayers and put them in a box whenever I was flying somewhere. It was so sweet.  After her death, I found all these prayers in her God box."
I don't have a God box.  A small moleskin is my prayer book.  Probably every mother should have someplace to write down all her anxious, fearful prayers.  It sure helps when the temptation to fret and stew is strong. 

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