Sunday, September 19, 2010

A little linkage on a lazy afternoon

Coty and I ate with the twenty/thirty-something-after-church-lunch-group today at Pho Daravan, which one of the group who didn't join us today has called "too ghetto."  I think authentic would be a more appropriate description.  Our food, Tom Kha soup and Thai red curry was delicious.

Home to a quiet house and a little football.  I half watched the Panthers lose (again!) skipping most of the third quarter to skype with Andrew - a much more enjoyable choice.

The rest of the afternoon, I've sat in one place -  talking, reading, and doing a bit of deliberate searching and some serendipitous following of links this afternoon.

I'm going to investigate this Spanish language resource for Joel.

I want to read this book by Marilynne Robinson, whose fiction I have loved.

I want to make these cookies because I love lemon.

I'm excited to find out about these Bible study guides by Kathleen Neilson, because I was impressed by her when I heard her speak at Covenant College.

I'm tempted to spend more time on Ravelry, but I already have knitting projects to finish - two sweaters to block and one to sew together after blocking, a fan and feather scarf to finish, some hats to knit, and a mini-blanket from the same yarn as her soft baby blanket for Clara.  Forget about Ravelry for now!

Time now to get up - at least long enough to make a cup of tea and grab my knitting bag....

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Bonnie said...

I didn't know M. Robinson had a new book out! WOW. I am like you . I want to read it too.

AND I heard Kathleen Neilson last year at my church . She is the speaker for a Women's Retreat in Oct. Her site is very interesting.
She spoke on good women writers: Anne Bradstreet, Esther Edwards Burr and Amy Carmichael. She talked about 2 ladies in Scripture also. I wanted to take a class with her!!! Her husband's sermon for Reformation Sunday was wonderful too.

Thanks for all that!