Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Classic" Sunday afternoon

I wrote to Andrew (in Brussels) this afternoon, telling him we were enjoying a "classic" Sunday afternoon.  Such an afternoon always includes friends, good food, conversation, relaxation, and people feeling very at home.  Today....

22 people were here for lunch after church

I roasted 3 chickens, made rosemary gravy, collard greens, and rice (did that yesterday, actually)

Friends brought appetizers, salads, squash casserole, corn, bread, and desserts

We used ceramic plates, Corelle plates, and plastic plates, but no china today

Food was arranged on the counter in the kitchen, buffet style; silverware and napkins in the basket.

Guests who had never eaten here before served their plates first.  Our first time guests today were Vijay and Nani from India

We wrote our names with Sharpies on Solo cups and drank lemonade and water, no sweet tea today

Some watched the football game while they ate; others sat around the kitchen table and chatted; others sat on the back porch talking and enjoying the delightful sound of much needed rain.  People drifted from room to room, taking in a few minutes of the game, sitting in the porch swing, and refilling their plates.

Later, we set out all sorts of ceramic mugs and had coffee and tea (brewed in teapots) with our carrot cake and apple/pear/fig/cranberry tart/pie/crumble.

Coty dozed on the porch as some of us lingered and talked after dessert.

More sitting, more talking, many hands helping clean in the kitchen. Some food put away and other food left out for all afternoon nibbling.

Most guests departed by 4:00, except for Albert, who at 11:11 is still here.  He hasn't really counted as a guest for a long time, anyway. 

After the guests left, I sewed for a little while and then pulled out my knitting while Coty and I watched a mystery on PBS.

The boys, mostly Thomas, I think, finished cleaning the kitchen. 

And now, to the continuing, gentle, very welcome rain, I am heading to bed.

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