Monday, September 06, 2010

Alice and Gordon...

live next door to Erin and Luke.  Clara and I took a little walk up to visit them as they sat on their front porch this afternoon.  They were drinking ginger ale and sharing a little plate of crackers and cookies on a small table between them.  Alice offered me some ginger ale and said, "We're celebrating our 63rd anniversary!"

I hope in 32 plus years, I will delight to sit on the porch on a glorious early fall day, watch the cars drive by, and drink ginger ale with the love of my life... who I look forward to seeing again on Wednesday!

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Islandsparrow said...

Hey there Beth

I'm not sure that your comments are working - if this is a duplicate just delete :)

But I wanted to say (again) that this is the sweetest story ever!! And I hope in 32.5 years to be toasting 63 years with my beloved!